After creating a Google Analytics account you will need to create a Google Search Console account to track what keywords searchers used to find your site and other important details about how your site performs with web search.  This data can be hugely important for your Search Engine Optimization efforts.

Getting Started

To begin, browse to the Google Search Console page.

Google Search Console Get Started

Click the Start Now button to begin.


You will be taken to the welcome page.  In the Domain box on the left enter domain name for your web site.  For example, if your site is enter “” in the domain field.


Click the Continue button to move on.

Google Search Console Welcome Page

You will now be asked to verify that you own the property.

Google Search Console Verify Ownership

For this part you will need to copy the TXT record shown in the dialog box.  You will need to add this to your DNS record.  This process differs depending on where your domain is hosted.  If you have have any questions or need help doing this contact us and we will be happy to help.  After your domain ownership is verified, you will be taken to the search console home page.